Ted Talk 2017

My TED talk this year is titled Sex VS Gender: A Trans Discussion. I was unable to edit my slides onto the actual video; there is a link to my slides below. They are altered slightly to make more sense contextually since they aren’t a part of the video. [disclaimer: I do discuss some cultural aspects of this topic; if the information I present in this video aren’t correct or.. Read More

Ecological Footprint

[THE PLAN] Calculation of my footprint: My ecological footprint, based on the footprint calculator worksheet we were given in class, is 6.9 hectares. Comparison of my footprint to those of others: My footprint is relatively in the average to low percentage compared to those of others; our class average alone was around 8 hectares. 10 actions that currently increase the size of my footprint: Ten actions that currently increase the.. Read More