It has been difficult arrangingĀ meetings with my mentor due to both of our busy schedules, but we finally managed to speak on the phone today. During the time between our last meeting and this one, I had been trying out different makeup looks and styles (and experimenting with new looks!) based on things I imagined along with inspiration I took from the internet. Though we hadn’t met in a while, Jennifer and I had been staying in contact, with me asking her questions about things I didn’t understand every once in a while. This meeting, we worked on tackling both the six hats as well as concepts and alternatives.

– White hats (information)

This meeting, my mentor had brought up and talked about the importance of using some makeup tools, such as face charts, to plan out a makeup look. She explained to me the importance and difference it makes to have a complete look to model after, rather than winging something on the spot.

– Red hats (emotions/feelings/intuition)

My mentor and I agreed on pretty much everything we discussed; the only times I’ve had to use my intuition was to buy less makeup products to start with, as I didn’t want to spend too much money on possibly unnecessary items.

– Black hats (critical thinking)

Today, I brought up the idea of creating video tutorials for each makeup look to complement the photos I’ll be showing as my final product, which brought the two of us into discussion. We eventually agreed that though creating videos wasn’t my initial goal for this project, learning how to make ones to accompany my makeup looks and enhance my learning won’t hurt at all, and I’ll probably have lots of fun learning about it.

– Yellow hats (values/benefits)

As a continuation of our black hats, my mentor and I also discussed the benefits and values of creating videos as an extra accompaniment with my final makeup looks. The pros we concluded on are mentioned along with the black hats, and she also provided me with tips for creating videos and will help me in making them.

– Green hats (growth/productivity)

We used green hats when I suggested having my three different makeup looks (my final product) each representing a different makeup style, or emphasizing a specific technique.

Example of a "different" makeup style I may work with for my final looks.
Example of a “different” makeup style I may work with for my final looks.

Since we didn’t have this meeting in person, my mentor couldn’t guide me in practicing, but I did try a new look directly after we hung up. This was really productive, as even though I had been practicing different looks, I didn’t dare to stray too far from what I had learned from my mentor. As well as this, I will be practicing my three chosen makeup looks on my friends to get a better feel of applying makeup on others.

– Blue hats (overview)

My mentor and I always discuss beforehand what we should tackle during a meeting. This is in order to keep our meetings more effective as well as efficient while making sure I can learn what I need to learn for this project to be a success.

One of the eye looks I created.
Another one of the eye looks I created.

In the past few weeks, especially over Spring Break, I’ve really been working on creating new looks that could potentially be my final three I would present on In-Depth night. I’ve created many, and have documented them with photos, but one thing that frustrates me is that I seem to turn to very similar colors for the different looks, so I plan on consciously expanding my color palette when I work with makeup looks again.

– Concepts

The concept I’ve been focusing on with my mentor is working more intensely with eye makeup. I’ve found that I tend to put more detail into creating different eye makeup over the rest of the face, which, when brought up to my mentor, was apparently alright and probably something I should continue focusing on. During this meeting, we discussed different styles of eye makeup (in particular) I could work with to develop my final three looks.

– Alternatives

A main alternative we have settled this meeting was the usage of face charts; though my mentor encourages me to plan out my makeup looks on the charts before I create them, I find it difficult to articulate the details I desire in some looks on paper. I will, however, try to plan the looks out on the charts, as they would definitely make it easier for me to replicate as well as remember looks clearer. As the project is nearing the end, I plan on finalizing my three makeup looks soon.