This week, my main focus was on practicing the techniques my mentor had previously taught me. That included using the face charts she gave me, watching tons of Youtube tutorials, and applying and taking off way too much makeup on my own face in such a short amount of time.

As mentioned in my last post, I had bought a selection of cosmetics to practice with and use on myself and others. Though I haven’t had the chance to practice on others yet (I intend to do so starting next week or as soon as possible), I had been practicing on face charts. Using the face charts Jennifer gave me felt quite different from what I’d expected; though I hadn’t applied makeup on other people on many occasions before in a serious manner, this definitely felt really different. (And rightly so, of course, seeing as the face charts are paper). As I mentioned, I have also been watching Youtube tutorials and makeup videos. Jennifer recommended I watch some Charlotte Tilbury tutorial videos as they’re, as she explained, relatively easy to follow and have a large selection of fun looks I can try. Besides watching those videos, I’ve also checked out some other makeup artists’ tutorials, mostly focusing on eye makeup (as I’m finding that pretty difficult to perfect).

Due to both mine and Jennifer’s busy schedules, we haven’t found a time to meet in person again yet, however, we have been communicating through texts. Through our informal meetings, we’ve discussed things like the tasks a makeup artist may have to take on, opportunities and different jobs for makeup artists, inspirations, et cetera. I have been trying to create some fishing questions rather than shooting questions so that I can learn more from our conversations; I’ve inquired about the various opportunities and jobs makeup artists may be open to, as well as how makeup artists may cater to specific client needs. Also, since I’ve been struggling the most with eye makeup, a skill Jennifer had taught me last lesson, I have brought up questions of tips or “secrets” that may improve my technique (though I suppose more practice would definitely help me the most!).

Looking forward to my next face-to-face meeting with Jennifer as well as learning and expanding my knowledge on makeup!!