My second meeting with my mentor occurred at the Urban Decay store in Metrotown, where Jennifer works. The purpose of today’s lesson was to learn about the basic steps of applying makeup along with the tools and products used, and I was sure taught all about that.

The meeting started off with a lesson I mentioned earlier, and Jennifer introduced me to all of the products used in a basic full-face makeup look. I learned about different types of foundations, concealers, correctors, primers, all of which I will give a brief summary of later on in the post.

Face charts and notes detailing what I learned

After the lesson on all the products, we proceeded to some hands-on learning. Using all the products we had just discussed, Jennifer created a minimal makeup look on me while explaining what she was doing and how she was app

lying the makeup. Since my makeup skills are still developing – both of us realized that when I tried to apply lip gloss on myself, resulting in lots of concealer and tissues – my mentor did all of the makeup application this meeting. Next time, however, after I practice extensively with the new cosmetics I had bought today, I will be attempting my own looks with her guidance. The lesson was definitely not a one-way-lecture kind of lesson, though. Jennifer and I discussed the different makeup products and tools while she was educating me on them, and I tried to ask whatever questions came to mind. After completing a makeup look on my face, Jennifer gave me some face charts to take home and practice applying makeup on as well as a list of some notes we had went over today.


When the meeting came to an end, I purchased the Naked2 eyeshadow palette and an eyeshadow primer from the Urban Decay store, as well as a foundation, primer, concealer, powder, and lipstick from the Superstore nearby. (For the basics, I opted for drugstore brands since I would be practicing and using the products a lot). Afterwards, I also bought an Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade from Sephora, but that was mostly for my personal use (and for the project, of course!).

my new Naked2 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay! Jennifer used this palette for my makeup look today.

Here are some of the things Jennifer taught (and used on) me today: (all explanations and terms/products are simplified)

Primer: either silicone or water based, used to fill in pores and create a smooth surface for makeup.

Foundation: medium or full coverage, to use after primer.

Powder: to set the makeup and make it last longer, or to wear alone if it’s a powder foundation.

Makeup setting spray: sets the makeup and seals it in.

Eyeshadow primer: makes eyeshadow last longer, intensifies color, just a primer for eyeshadow.

Eyeliner: comes in liquid, gel, or pencil (personal preference).

Lash primer: white, adds fibres to lashes to create length.

Mascara: comes in waterproof, regular, colored, and can be used to improve volume, length, definition, and/or curl of lashes.

Bronzer: used to warm up skin tone.

Blush: adds color to face.

Highlighter: adds dimension to face.


There was much more information I acquired from today’s meeting, but that and the photographs attached gives a good idea of how much we did today! Can’t wait for my next meeting and to learn and do even more.