Late January, when our second in-depth post was actually due, I was in China and my mentor also away. Yesterday, we finally met, so here is my long overdue mentor blog post!

Jennifer Phan, my in-depth mentor, is a very passionate and very nice woman who is extremely skilled in the art of makeup, as I could tell from her beautifully made-up face when I met her on Thursday. Sitting on a couch in Coquitlam Centre, we introduced ourselves to each other for the first time in real life.

Overall, neither of us blatantly disagreed with the other; the only slight disagreements we had were based on planning meeting times, though that was only because of the collision of our schedules. After deciding to schedule each future meeting individually after a meeting, we discussed the in-depth project. Jennifer had never done anything like mentoring a student for a project like this before, so naturally she had a couple of questions; how often we were required to meet, what we wanted to accomplish per meeting, and the like. I also had a few questions, since I don’t have much experience in the makeup department; I was curious as to whether I would need to purchase any cosmetics and/or makeup tools and so on.

At first, I believe Jennifer and I did have slightly different opinions of the future; I think she imagined each meeting to progress a little slower than I had expected, and since she has no experience with in-depth projects, she previously didn’t know much about my plans for my final product. We, however, worked through those confused, blurry bits and both know exactly what we want to achieve through this project now.

Despite these originally different opinions, Jennifer and I also had a lot of the same ideas. Since my final product is to create three full makeup looks, we both thought it would be a good idea to ask some peers to be models for these looks. Jennifer currently works at Urban Decay, so she suggested using the test products to experiment with at each meeting. This was a great idea, because I previously hadn’t thought of it, and had expected to be required to purchase lots of makeup to learn with. (I could still use the in-depth project as an excuse to buy makeup, though!).