In-Depth Post #3: Learning the basics

My second meeting with my mentor occurred at the Urban Decay store in Metrotown, where Jennifer works. The purpose of today’s lesson was to learn about the basic steps of applying makeup along with the tools and products used, and I was sure taught all about that. The meeting started off with a lesson I mentioned earlier, and Jennifer introduced me to all of the products used in a basic.. Read More

In-Depth Post #2: Meeting my mentor

Late January, when our second in-depth post was actually due, I was in China and my mentor also away. Yesterday, we finally met, so here is my long overdue mentor blog post! Jennifer Phan, my in-depth mentor, is a very passionate and very nice woman who is extremely skilled in the art of makeup, as I could tell from her beautifully made-up face when I met her on Thursday. Sitting.. Read More