The date is July the 27th of 1794, and my soon-to-be husband just freed myself and the future Joséphine Bonaparte from prison. I’m Thérésa, soon to take my husband’s name Tallien.

My time in the Revolution wasn’t as minimal as some would say. After all, I helped with the fall of Robespierre, released aristocratic prisoners, and was an overall prominent social figure.

I wish I had done more to prevent the Revolution from happening, and I wish I could’ve been remembered as more than the beautiful woman who slept with a number of high-profile men. Not that that’s a bad thing to be remembered by, since everybody loved me!

What’s important is that I survived the Revolution. And I will flourish for many more years to come. I grew to be one of the one of the leaders of Parisian social life, with everybody admiring my fashion sense and eccentric beauty routines. Not only that, I became one of the leading figures in French political life. It’s 1794, and I may only be 21 years old, but life is looking pretty good for me.