The long-awaited and (in)famous In-Depth project is finally taking action!

image courtesy of (I can't fathom how much all this must've cost)
image courtesy of (I can’t fathom how much all this must’ve cost)

To get straight to the point, the subject area I have decided to explore this year is makeup artistry. Before making the choice, I have considered some issues; I was concerned as to what I could create to present as my final project as well as what criteria I could hold my learning to. Makeup artistry can be a very subjective field, as beauty and its standards often are. Some goals I have settled on achieving through this project include creating a few makeup looks of my own and uploading photographs to my blog and filming a short tutorial on a newly learned makeup skill.

The actual decision of studying makeup artistry wasn’t very difficult to me. Since the end of last year, I had noticed a growing interest in the field of makeup and cosmetics (this doesn’t hold relation to my gender identity, I’ve just always been fond of art of all forms in general). Earlier this year, I had convinced my parents to let me buy some relatively expensive cosmetics and makeup tools, all in the name of my In-Depth project, but also for personal exploration before the project launched. My skill level in this field, however, would have to be classified as limited. Before aforementioned purchases of makeup-related items, I had never spent much money in that department excluding skincare products. The little makeup I’d applied would be for annual dance competitions and recitals and “special occasions”. I kn

Anastasia Beverly Hills' makeup campaign featuring this guy rocking some contour (makeup isn't just for girls & gender is a social construct)
Anastasia Beverly Hills’ makeup campaign featuring this beautiful makeup-wearing guy! (makeup isn’t just for girls & gender is a social construct)

ow that cosmetic


products aren’t intended only for females nor a necessity for us; the thought of being able to achieve the looks commonly seen on Instagram and other social media outlets just excites me.

At the moment, unfortunately, I haven’t secured a mentor. There will be an addition to this existing post once I do, but currently things are still getting worked out.

Research on my topic will be all included in my research essay, which I will post on my blog once I hand it in on Monday. In the essay, I explored the questions of makeup and its impact on society, researching about makeup development and uses as well as social experiments with makeup.

Can’t wait to start learning more and experimenting with this project, and am looking forward to updating my blog all the time. (Level of anticipation: over 9000)