In-Depth Post #2-ish

This is an incomplete post; I’ll post the official #2 as soon as possible! My mentor and I haven’t met in person yet, due to my recent trip to China and her trip out of town as well. The two of us have been contacting each other frequently through email; we’ve been discussing meetings and my goals and plans for the project, as well as what we could achieve each.. Read More

Thérésa Tallien: Final Address

The date is July the 27th of 1794, and my soon-to-be husband just freed myself and the future Joséphine Bonaparte from prison. I’m Thérésa, soon to take my husband’s name Tallien. My time in the Revolution wasn’t as minimal as some would say. After all, I helped with the fall of Robespierre, released aristocratic prisoners, and was an overall prominent social figure. I wish I had done more to prevent.. Read More

In-Depth Post #1

The long-awaited and (in)famous In-Depth project is finally taking action! To get straight to the point, the subject area I have decided to explore this year is makeup artistry. Before making the choice, I have considered some issues; I was concerned as to what I could create to present as my final project as well as what criteria I could hold my learning to. Makeup artistry can be a very.. Read More

French Revolution Post 1: Thérésa Tallien

[This blog post is written in the character of Thérésa Tallien as part of our French Revolution unit in Socials]   Hóla, bonjour, it’s Thérésa Tallien, your favorite Spanish-born French noble! Before I spill all the details about my life, give me a quick follow @TheresaTallien on Twitter to keep up with everything. I was born on July 31st of 1773, and my dad was a rich aristocrat while my.. Read More

Hamilton: Theme Map

The theme statement I’ve decided to center my map around is “know your goals and morals”, which I feel is a recurring idea throughout the Hamilton musical. Below is a picture of my theme map along with a thorough explanation!   Theme statement: (Know your goals & morals). Hamilton’s whole life is seemingly dedicated to leaving behind a legacy, and he is a very strong believer in speaking his mind and.. Read More