Washington On Your Side: Lyric Analysation

See my last post to learn more about the song (you can listen to the full Hamilton tracklist here). This post is to break down the lyrics of Washington On Your Side, as I was sick the day of my presentation. [There is a video shown on RapGenius’ page for this song where Lin-Manuel Miranda talks briefly about how Washington was like “the Wayne to [Hamilton’s] Drake”, the “Dre to [Hamilton’s] Em”, etc. I’m not.. Read More

Hamilton: Washington On Your Side

In Socials, we had the opportunity to choose and analyse a song from the (immensely appreciated) musical Hamilton. We were all assigned to write a blog post about our songs. My post about the song Washington On Your Side (Act II, track 31) is separated into two; one to answer the basic questions we were provided and the other to thoroughly provide my lyric analysation, since I missed the chance to present it in class… Read More

Socials 9: Midterm

So much has happened in Socials so far, so it’s somewhat integral to blog about it as a whole. For our midterm assignment, we were assigned to put together a list of big ideas along with examples of what we’ve learned from our curricular outline.   “The physical environment influences the nature of political, social, and economic change” Columbus European settlers such as Columbus craved the rich land and resources.. Read More