My first Night of the Notables was definitely a time I won’t forget. So much led up to that night, all the work and blog posts and hours spent creating my learning center (but it was so worth it when people came up and asked questions).

I will continue to be stunned by how much everybody bonds through TALONS and how, even in a couple of months, everyone already feels like family. I feel like that bond only strengthened after NotN, and it was so incredible to see all the creative and inspirational ways my peers presented their learning and their centers.

Before the event, I’ll admit I was very nervous. Until the night before, I hadn’t shown anybody what my learning center looked like, and I was worried I did it “wrong” or it was going to be bad compared to my peers’. Even at the event, I felt super overwhelmed by the other learning centers, as I thought theirs looked so much better than mine (but hey, that inspired me to put in a lot more work next year and gave me ideas as well!).

My learning center was very minimal compared to those around me
My learning center was minimal compared to those around me, but I put tons of work into it!

As mentioned in my¬†Learning Center blog post, I had wanted to create a “dressing room”, since my Eminent Person was a performer and spent lots of time backstage. This, however, wouldn’t have worked out very well as I had the idea to cover my poster board in tin-foil, and I was afraid it wouldn’t react well in photographs.

close up of my poster board
close up of my poster board

During the night, I also snuck away from my own learning center at times (shh!) to check out some of the other centers around. It was amazing to see so many different ideas and concepts, and I wanted to give a shoutout to Sophia, Charlotte, Sam, Nicole, and Connor for their creative and elaborate learning centers.

I was also super inspired during the grade tens’ Eminent monologues; so much information was shared in those few minutes they had onstage, and each person made a powerful statement. I will definitely keep those speeches in mind when writing and practicing mine next year.

Overall, Night of the Notables was an extremely memorable event, and I can’t wait to get started again in grade ten!