NotN Reflection 2016

My first Night of the Notables was definitely a time I won’t forget. So much led up to that night, all the work and blog posts and hours spent creating my learning center (but it was so worth it when people came up and asked questions). I will continue to be stunned by how much everybody bonds through TALONS and how, even in a couple of months, everyone already feels.. Read More

Annotated Biblography: Josephine Baker

Annotated Biblography: Josephine Baker   The Official Josephine Baker Website Exactly as titled; the official Josephine Baker website. Includes information tabs¬†such as biography, films, music, awards, quotes, etc.   National Women’s History Museum: Josephine Baker Includes short biography/summary of Josephine Baker’s life and major achievements. Josephine A semi-autobiography written by Josephine Baker and then-husband Jo Bouillon. The edition I read was translated by M. Fitzpatrick, presumably from French… Read More

Eminent: Interviews (or lack of)

This year, unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get an interview with anybody. I had sent out emails some time into this project and have not gathered any responses; the reason this post is published so late is in the hopes I might receive a reply within that extended time. I’ve chosen not to write¬†any names in the case the people I’ve contacted don’t wish to be mentioned, but I sent.. Read More

DoL: Learning Center

The much anticipated Night of the Notables is quickly arriving, and I’m sure many of my classmates are preparing their Learning Centers as I am. My Eminent Person, Josephine Baker, was a dancer, performer, and civil activist among many other titles. She was known for her unapologetic and daring performances and equal rights accomplishments. She was eminent in many ways, and I have learned so much about this woman in.. Read More

DoL: Eminent Speech

For my first Eminent Document of Learning, I have attached a written copy of my speech. This is taken directly from the Grade 9 Eminent speech editing document, and it differs slightly from the one I ended up presenting. (When I presented, I missed some spots and also added some wording that made more sense) [Note: The speech is written from my interpretation of the perspective of Josephine Baker’s son… Read More