Introducing Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker (1906-1975), my choice for the Eminent Person project, was certainly a notable woman. Upon first reading about her, I was instantly drawn to the dancer, singer, and civil activist. The connections were inevitable; I aspire to be involved in dance and music someday, and I am very passionate about civil rights and equal rights. As well as our shared passions and interests, we are also both non-Caucasian; surely it.. Read More

(Social) Life Cycle

  The wheel of social evolution brought up in class last week definitely entranced all of us present in the room. It was from the articles written by Tobias Stone (History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump) and Rober J Shiller (An intellectual revolution is coming, says Robert J. Shiller) that we started exploring the idea of the hows and whys of a social evolution cycle. The.. Read More

My House

It was not foreign, the feeling of my heart opening up. Hopeful, wanting, wishing. What was strange was that it didn’t go away. After all, it’s simply not safe to leave a house’s front door open for too long. I had planned the invitations in advance, but you read my mind before my writing and walked in without warning. We had a cup of coffee with a slice of bread,.. Read More