Ted Talk 2017

My TED talk this year is titled Sex VS Gender: A Trans Discussion. I was unable to edit my slides onto the actual video; there is a link to my slides below. They are altered slightly to make more sense contextually since they aren’t a part of the video. [disclaimer: I do discuss some cultural aspects of this topic; if the information I present in this video aren’t correct or.. Read More

Ecological Footprint

[THE PLAN] Calculation of my footprint: My ecological footprint, based on the footprint calculator worksheet we were given in class, is 6.9 hectares. Comparison of my footprint to those of others: My footprint is relatively in the average to low percentage compared to those of others; our class average alone was around 8 hectares. 10 actions that currently increase the size of my footprint: Ten actions that currently increase the.. Read More

In-Depth posts #5 and #6

It has been difficult arranging meetings with my mentor due to both of our busy schedules, but we finally managed to speak on the phone today. During the time between our last meeting and this one, I had been trying out different makeup looks and styles (and experimenting with new looks!) based on things I imagined along with inspiration I took from the internet. Though we hadn’t met in a while,.. Read More

In-Depth Post #4

This week, my main focus was on practicing the techniques my mentor had previously taught me. That included using the face charts she gave me, watching tons of Youtube tutorials, and applying and taking off way too much makeup on my own face in such a short amount of time. As mentioned in my last post, I had bought a selection of cosmetics to practice with and use on myself and.. Read More

In-Depth Post #3: Learning the basics

My second meeting with my mentor occurred at the Urban Decay store in Metrotown, where Jennifer works. The purpose of today’s lesson was to learn about the basic steps of applying makeup along with the tools and products used, and I was sure taught all about that. The meeting started off with a lesson I mentioned earlier, and Jennifer introduced me to all of the products used in a basic.. Read More

In-Depth Post #2: Meeting my mentor

Late January, when our second in-depth post was actually due, I was in China and my mentor also away. Yesterday, we finally met, so here is my long overdue mentor blog post! Jennifer Phan, my in-depth mentor, is a very passionate and very nice woman who is extremely skilled in the art of makeup, as I could tell from her beautifully made-up face when I met her on Thursday. Sitting.. Read More

In-Depth Post #2-ish

This is an incomplete post; I’ll post the official #2 as soon as possible! My mentor and I haven’t met in person yet, due to my recent trip to China and her trip out of town as well. The two of us have been contacting each other frequently through email; we’ve been discussing meetings and my goals and plans for the project, as well as what we could achieve each.. Read More

Thérésa Tallien: Final Address

The date is July the 27th of 1794, and my soon-to-be husband just freed myself and the future Joséphine Bonaparte from prison. I’m Thérésa, soon to take my husband’s name Tallien. My time in the Revolution wasn’t as minimal as some would say. After all, I helped with the fall of Robespierre, released aristocratic prisoners, and was an overall prominent social figure. I wish I had done more to prevent.. Read More

In-Depth Post #1

The long-awaited and (in)famous In-Depth project is finally taking action! To get straight to the point, the subject area I have decided to explore this year is makeup artistry. Before making the choice, I have considered some issues; I was concerned as to what I could create to present as my final project as well as what criteria I could hold my learning to. Makeup artistry can be a very.. Read More

French Revolution Post 1: Thérésa Tallien

[This blog post is written in the character of Thérésa Tallien as part of our French Revolution unit in Socials]   Hóla, bonjour, it’s Thérésa Tallien, your favorite Spanish-born French noble! Before I spill all the details about my life, give me a quick follow @TheresaTallien on Twitter to keep up with everything. I was born on July 31st of 1773, and my dad was a rich aristocrat while my.. Read More